Interested in perfecting your college entrance essay?  

Package Cost

For a one-time, $500 fee, you will receive:

  • Access to a video library containing reviews of college essays that worked, highlighting techniques to boost the effectiveness of your essay;
  • Video lessons on how to turn your hobbies, interests and experiences into appropriate topics for the Common App essay;
  • One in-person session where we will conference about several drafts you've generated from the videos; 
  • One phone session, where we will read your essay, line-by-line, together, and begin to polish it for its final draft.

Contact me: 

Please reach out via email (  Once you're confirmed, I will send along your access to the video library and set up our in-person session.  I will keep you accountable via email to our process: 

  • to watch the videos,
  • send me drafts and
  • set up both your in-person and your phone session. 

Along the way, I'll update your parents on your progress as well.